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This section of the BCSC web site includes BCSC datasets available for download as well as information on key variables in BCSC datasets. Data Elements and Questionnaires describes data elements and questionnaires given to women and radiologists in the course of usual care at mammogram facilities and lists the variables of major interest to the Consortium.


Data collected and maintained by the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium are protected by a federal certificate of confidentiality from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Per the terms of this certificate of confidentiality, identifiable data shall be disclosed only when: required by Federal, State, or local laws; necessary for medical treatment of the individual to whom the data pertains; made with the consent of the individual; or made for the purposes of other scientific research complying with federal regulations governing human subjects research. For more details on these protections and their limits, please visit the NIH Certificate of Confidentiality Website:https://humansubjects.nih.gov/coc/background