The BCSC is a unique and rich research infrastructure designed to facilitate the collaboration of BCSC investigators and external investigators to evaluate issues pertaining to breast cancer screening in the United States. The table below lists current and past collaborations and initiatives between the BCSC and other organizations that are using the BCSC data in productive and innovative ways. The BCSC will also highlight new collaborative partnerships and ancillary grants as they develop.

Ancillary Studies

Year Funding Started Site PI Project Title Funding Mechanism Funding Agency or Organization Grant Number
2018 New Mexico State University & Fred Hutch Gard C & Etzioni R. Risk of cancer versus risk of cancer diagnosis? Accounting for diagnostic bias in predictions of breast cancer risk by race and breast density U54 NCI 2U54CA132383-11
2018 Boston University Nelson K Improving Accuracy and Reliability in Cancer Screening Tests R01 NCI 1R01CA226805-01
2017 NIH Durham D Screening practives and breast cancer diagnosis among women with a famliy history of breast cancer NIH: Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program – Trans-Fellowship Research Award NIH N/A
2017 Georgetown University Braithwaite D Comorbidity and screening outcomes among older women undergoing mammography (SNOW) R01 NCI 1R01CA207361-01A1
2017 UCSF Kerlikowske K; Vachon C; Kontos D Radiomic phenotypes of breast parenchyma and association with breast cancer risk and detection R01 NCI R01CA207085
2016 NIEHS White A The associations between air toxics and breast density   NIEHS N/A
2016 UNC Henderson L Evaluating the effect of the breast density legislation on supplemental screening R21 NCI R21CA209442
2015 Vermont Sprague B; Stein J; Weaver D Vermont Breast Cancer Molecular Characterization Laboratory U01 NCI 3U01CA196383-03S1
2015 UCSF Karliner L Disparities in Abnormal Mammogram Follow-up: Actionable Communication and Care Coordination Strategies R21 NCI 1R21CA195429-01
2015 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Lee C Advanced Breast Imaging Adoption and Screening Access Among Vulnerable Women MRSG ACS MRSG-14-160-01
2015 UCSF Shepherd J; Kerlikowske K Localized Probability of Mammographic Masking California Breast Cancer Research Program NIH 21IB-0130
2015 Georgetown CISNET leads Comparative Modeling: Informing Breast Cancer Control Practice and Policy (CISNET) U01 NIH U01CA152958
2015 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Etzioni R Estimating overdiagnosis in cancer screening R01 NIH 1R01CA192402-01A1
2014 UNC Henderson L Developing a Lung Cancer Screening Registry R21 NIH R21CA175983
2014 UW Lee J Performance of Screening Ultrasound as an Adjunct to Screening Mammography in Women with Dense Breast Tissue MRSG ACS MRSG-14-160
2014 University of Texas at Dallas Biswas S A Model for Individualized Risk Prediction of Contralateral Breast Cancer R21 NIH 1R21CA186086-01
2014 Boston University Nelson K Model Agreement in Cancer Diagnostic Tests R01 NIH 1R01CA172463-01A1
2014 U Penn Hubbard R Statistical Methods for Estimation of Benefits & Harms of Repeat Cancer Screening R03 NIH R03CA182986
2013 GHRI Wernli K Comparative effectiveness of breast imaging modalities in breast cancer survivors (SIMBA) PCORI PCORI CE-1304-6656
2013 UCSF Kerlikowske K Automated Density Measures for Estimating Breast Cancer R01 NIH / Mayo clinic 1R01CA177150-01A1
2013 Dartmouth COBRE PI: Karagas M; Project 1 Leader: Christensen B COBRE Center for Molecular Epidemiology COBRE NIH 5P20GM104416-03
2013 University of Washington Reding K Feasibility of Classifying Appropriate Treatment for Breast Cancer and its Association with Race Pilot Projects CRN N/A
2012 UCSF Braithwaite D Breast Cancer Screening and outcomes in diverse populations: Role of comorbidity Mentored scholar award ACS 121891-MRSG-12-007-01-CPHPS
2012 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Henderson L Technologists Effect on the Accuracy of Mammography R01 NCI R01CA155342
2011 Vermont Sprague B Population-based Research to Optimize Screening through Personal Regimens (PROSPR) U54 NIH U54 CA163303
2011 Vermont; New Hampshire Elmore J; Weaver D BPATH R01 NCI R01 CA172343
2011 New Hampshire Lavoie Smith E Assessment of breast cancer survivors   NIH  
2011 SCC Hubbard R Estimating the cumulative risk of a false-positive screening mammogram R03 NCI 5R03CA150007-02
2011 Dartmouth Onega T Effectiveness of Pre-operative MRI in Breast Cancer Surgery and Outcomes (EMPRESS) RO1 NCI 1R01CA149365-01A1
2011 SCC Miglioretti D Risk-Based Breast Cancer Screening in Community Settings PO1 NCI 1P01CA154292-01A1
2011 Group Health Wernli K Mammographic Breast Density and Ovarian Cancer R03 NCI R03 CA159080
2011 SCC Fenton J Validation of Medicare Claims Data for Mammography R21 NCI 1R21CA158510-01
2011 Group Health Buist D Effectiveness of Healthcare System Outreach for Breast Cancer Screening RO1 ACS RSGI-II-I 00-0 I-CPHPS.
2011 SCC Hubbard R Semi-Markov Process BRCA RO3 NIH R01CA160239
2011 Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth Tosteson A; Onega T, Haas J Population-based Research to Optimize Screening through Personal Regimens U54 NIH  
2010 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Li C Breast and Ovary Cancer Clinical Validation Center: Administrative Supplement U01 supplement NCI 5U01CA152637-05
2010 Group Health Bowles E Point of service data collection Director's fund GHRI N/A
2010 Group Health Trice-Loggers E WA State cancer registry Director's fund GHRI N/A
2010 Group Health Wernli K UW Centers for Comparative and Health Systems Effectiveness K12 AHRQ K12HS019482
2010 SCC Lee S Role of Advanced Screening Technologies in Early Detection of Breast Cancer ARRA Challenge NCI 5RC1CA146469-02
2010 SCC Virnig B DEcIDE-2 Administrative Task Order Contract AHRQ HHSA29020100013I
2010 SCC Mandelblatt J CISNET Breast RFA NCI NIH - RFA CA-09-024
2010 Vermont Figueroa J Genetics of Mammographic Appearances and Patterns (GENMAP)   NCI  
2010 SCC Chatfield M Benchmarks for the National Mammography Database under the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium   ACR  
2010 New Mexico Hill D Towards a Transdisciplinary Understanding of Breast Cancer Survival Disparities R01 NCI 1R01CA132877-01A2
2010 Georgetown Mandelblatt J Comparative Modeling: Informing Breast Cancer Control Practice & Policy RFA NIH NIH - RFA CA-09-024
2010 Advocate Rauscher G Comparative effectiveness of breast imaging modalities: a natural experiment R01 AHRQ HS018366-01A1
2010 Group Health Chubak J Algorithms to Identify Second Breast Cancer Events from Electronic Data (BRAVA) R21 NCI R21CA143242
2010 Group Health Hubbard R Estimating the Cumulative Risk of a False-Positive Screening Mammogram R03 NCI R03CA15007
2010 UCSF Vachon C Risk factors for Breast Cancer Molecular Subtypes R01 NCI R01CA140286
2009 Group Health Miglioretti D Comparative Effectiveness of Breast Imaging Strategies in Community RC2 - ARRA NCI RC2CA148577
2009 Vermont Geller B Comparative Effectiveness of Breast Surgery in Clinical Practice Supplement NCI U01CA070013-15S1
2009 UCSF Kerlikowske K Dense Breast Tissue Volume and Image Texture Features Assocation with Breast Cancer Risk Supplement NCI U01CA063740-15S1
2009 Group Health Buist D, Romaire M Effectiveness of healthcare system outreach for breast cancer screening Research Scholar Grant ACS  
2009 Vermont Geller B Equipment to the Vermont Breast Cancer Surveillance System Supplement NCI U01CA070013-15S2
2009 UCSF Ziv E Genetics of Mammographic Density X01 NIH/NHGRI X01HG005141
2009 Group Health Buist D, Beaber E Oral Contraceptive Use by Formulation and Breast Cancer Risk by Subtype R03 NCI R03CA141485
2009 Group Health Milgioretti D Statistical Coordinating Center for the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium - APRC Supplement Supplement NCI U01CA086076-10S1
2009 UCSD Yasmeen S Screening Mammography Utilization Among Elderly Women with Comorbidities and Breast Cancer Using Linked Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium - Medicare Data R03 National Cancer Institute 1R03CA139567-01
2008 UCSF Goldman L Quality of Mammography Facilities Serving Vulnerable Patients   California Breast Cancer Research Program  
2008 Univ. of Missouri Kapp J Mammography Utilization among a Cohort of Women under 40, by Race and Ethnicity R03 National Cancer Institute 1R03CA134196-01
2008 UCSF Cummings S Cost-effectiveness of Mammography by Risk and Breast Density   Eli Lily IIT  
2007 UCSF Ziv E Genetics of Breast Cancer in Latinas R01 National Cancer Institute 1R01CA120120-01
2007 GHC Boudreau D Commonly Used Medications and Breast Cancer Recurrence R01 National Cancer Institute R01CA012562
2007 UCSF Gray J Early Detection of Metastasis-prone Breast Cancers   Department of Defense W81XWH0710663
2007 UCSF Cummings S The Mammography-Based Risk Assessment Project   Lilly Foundation  
2007 SCC Haneuse S Design and Inference for Hybrid Ecological Studies R01 National Cancer Institute 1R01CA125081-01
2007 UCSF Kerlikowske K Marin Women's Study   USDHH, Div of Health Services, Epidemiology Program  
2006 UCSF Karliner L Breast Cancer Delays: Effect of Health Literacy and English Proficiency Career Development Award American Cancer Society  
2006 SCC Cook A A Partly Conditional Survival Approach for Modeling the Time-varying Association Between Breast Density and Breast Cancer Risk Contract National Cancer Institute  
2006 VT Geller B, Vacek P, Sherman M, Brinton L Molecular Epidemiology and Biology of Mammographic Density: A Pilot Study to Evaluate Protocol Feasibility Breast Cancer Stamp Fund Award National Cancer Institute  
2006 All BCSC All BCSC PIs AIM -- Assessing and Improving Mammography   American Cancer Society (ACS)  
2006 UCSF Karliner L Breast Cancer Delays   American Cancer Society  
2006 UCSF Lin W, Kerlikowske K Mammography Data Management System   SBIR  
2006 UNC-CH Yankaskas B Evaluation of False Positive Mammography in Community Practice R01 National Cancer Institute 1R01CA118698-01
2006 UNC-CH Yankaskas B NC-AINSCO American Indian Network Study of Clinical Outcomes R03 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality R03 HS015989-01
2006 UNC-CH Yankaskas B Screening Mammography Follow-Up for Women with Disabilities   Komen Foundation Research Grant  
2005 UCSF Tlsty T, Kerlikowske K The Biological Basis of Breast Density and Breast Cancer Risk P01 National Cancer Institute 1P01CA107584-01A1
2004 University of Washington Elmore J The Factors Affecting Variability of Radiologists (FAVOR) R01 National Cancer Institute 1R01CA107623
2004 GHC Boudreau D Medication and Colorectal Cancer Risk R03 National Cancer Institute 5R03CA110851-02
2004 GHC Boudreau D Statin Use and the Risk of Site-Specific Cancers R03 National Cancer Institute 1R03CA108357-01
2004 GHC Elmore J Improving Accuracy and Outcomes of Breast Cancer Screening K05 National Cancer Institute 5K05CA104699-03
2004 UCSF Ziv E Breast Cancer, Breast Density, & Admixture Among Latinas K22 National Cancer Institute 5K22CA109351-03
2003 Boston Medical Center Silliman R Breast Cancer Treatment Effectiveness in Older Women R01 National Cancer Institute 1R01CA0933772-01A1
2003 GHC Buist D Optimizing Breast Cancer Outcomes: BMI, Tumor Markers, and Quality of Care Clinical Research Training Grant American Cancer Society N/A
2003 GHC Buist D A Population-Based Trial to Assess the Effects of Short-Term Cessation of HRT on Mammography Assessment and Breast Density Idea Award Department of Defense  
2003 GHC Clarfeld R Study of Tamoxifen and Raloxifene to Prevent Breast Cancer Supplement National Cancer Institute and National Surgical Adjuvant Breast Project Subcontract to STAR Trial
2003 UCSF Cummings S California Pacific Medical Center Breast Health Cohort   California Pacific Medical Center  
2003 VT Goel A Driving Distance and Mammography Utilization in Vermont R03 National Cancer Institute 5R03CA101493-02
2003 UCSF Kerlikowske K Risk for and Detection of Breast Cancer in Marin and San Francisco County   Marin Public Health Department and CDC  
2003 GHC Lampe J, Newton K Breast and Bone Density: Impact of Colonic Environment R01 National Cancer Institute 5R01CA097366-04
2003 UCSF Smith-Bindman R Racial Disparity in Breast Cancer Mortality Research Grant California Breast Cancer Research Fund  
2002 VT Canales M Mammography Screening Practices of American Indian Women Minority Supplement National Cancer Institute  
2002 GHC Rossing MA Use of Antidepressants and Risk of Breast Cancer R03 National Cancer Institute 5R03CA094745-02
2002 UCSF Shepherd J, Kerlikowske K, Cummings S Compositional Breast Density as a Risk Factor Research Grant California Breast Cancer Research Fund  
2002 GHC Simon G Epidemiology and Care of Comorbid Obesity and Depression R01 National Institute of Mental Health/National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases 5R01MH068127-05
2002 GHC Taplin S Developing Automated Alternatives for Eliciting Patient Information for Breast Cancer Surveillance-Phase 1 Supplement National Cancer Institute  
2002 GHC Taplin S Long-Term Antibiotic Use as a Breast Cancer Risk Factor R01 Pfeiffer 1R03CA092765-01
2002 NC Tsosie U Prevalence of Breast Cancer Risk Factors Among American Indian Women in NC Minority Supplement National Cancer Institute  
2001 UCSF Tice J Soy and Tamoxifen for Breast Cancer Prevention in High-Risk Premenopausal Women Research Grant Department of Defense  
2000 NH Carney P Hormone Replacement Therapy and Breast Cancer R01 National Cancer Institute 2R01CA080888-06A1
2000 GHC Elmore J Understanding Variability in Community Mammography R01 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality/National Cancer Institute 5R01CA107623-07
2000 VT Geller B, Canales M, O'Brien P Breast Cancer Survivors in Vermont: A Qualitative Study of Their Perspective of Post-Treatment Primary Care Services Research Grant Fletcher Allen Health Care and University of Vermont  
2000 UCSF Kaplan C Breast Cancer Prevention: The Views of Women and Physicians Research Grant California Breast Cancer Research Fund  
2000 UCSF Smith-Bindman R Physician Predictors of Mammography Accuracy U01 National Cancer Institute  
2000 UCSF Smith-Bindman R The Sensitivity of Medicare Billing Claims for Monitoring Mammography Use by Elderly Women U01 National Cancer Institute  
1999 UCSF Smith-Bindman R Outcomes of Screening Mammography in Elderly Women K07 National Cancer Institute 5K07CA086032-05
1998 NH Carney P Assessing Interval Adherence to Mammography Screening Career Development Award American Cancer Society  
1998 GHC Newton K Estrogen Replacement and CVD Outcomes in Diabetic Women R01 National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute R01HL056675-01
1998 NM Rosenberg R, Crumley D Mammographic Breast Density and Breast Cancer Prognosis SEER Special Study National Cancer Institute  
1997 VT Geller B Women at Risk for Hereditary Breast Cancer Research Grant Lake Champlain Cancer Research Organization, Inc.  
1997 GHC Rutter C Methods for Evaluating Mammography Imaging Techniques Career Development Award Department of Defense  
1996 NH Carney P Anxiety, Risk, and Breast Cancer Screening R55 National Institute of Nursing Research  
1996 NH Carney P New Hampshire Breast Pathology Quality Assurance Project   New Hampshire Division of Public Health and Centers for Disease Control  
1996 VT Greenberg R Etiology of Early Breast Malignancy R01 National Cancer Institute 5R01CA072025-04
    Knight S Evaluation of Data Quality by Comparison to Data from a Statewide Mammography Registry CDC Early Detection Program Vermont Department of Health  
    Pinckney R Care of Patients After Positive Mammography Research Grant Fletcher Allen Health Care  
    Reinier K Does Birthweight Predict Mammographic Breast Density in Women Aged 44-60? Research Grant University of Vermont  
    Pinckney R Event Analysis of Breast Procedures Research Grant MVP Health Plan