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Benchmarks for Sensitivity and Specificity for 2,061,691 Screening Mammography Examinations from 2004 - 2008* -- based on BCSC data through 2009

You are viewing the 2009 collection of this data. Data from other times are also available:
  All Screening Examinations
Sensitivity** 85.6
Readers with 30+ cancers 124
True Positives 5,747
Cancers 6,710
Sensitivity (Median-50th percentile) 85.7
Sensitivity (25th, 75th percentiles) 81, 90
Sensitivity (10th, 90th percentiles) 77.4, 94.7
Specificity§ 90.5
Readers with 1000+ non-cancers 323
True Negatives|| 1,653,760
Non-cancers# 1,828,070
Specificity (Median-50th percentile) 91
Specificity (25th, 75th percentiles) 88, 93.6
Specificity (10th, 90th percentiles) 84.6, 95.6


Numbers are frequencies unless otherwise indicated.

Screening Mammography Examinations: mammography examinations indicated by the radiologist to be for screening, with bilateral routine views done and no other mammogram within the last 9 months, among women without breast implants.

* Includes examinations for radiologists with minimum numbers of cases in a given row as designated; excludes examinations for which the radiologist is unknown.

** Sensitivity = the percentage of cancers that had an abnormal initial interpretation (BI-RADS category 0, 4, 5; Note: 3 with a recommendation for immediate follow-up was recoded as 0).

True Positive = the number of cancers that had an abnormal initial interpretation.

Cancers = the number of examinations with a tissue diagnosis of cancer within 1 year following the examination.

§ Specificity = the percentage of non-cancers that had a negative initial interpretation (BI-RADS category 1, 2, or 3 with no recommendation for immediate follow-up).

|| True Negative = the number of non-cancers that had a negative initial interpretation.

# Non-cancers = the number of examinations without a tissue diagnosis of cancer within 1 year following the examination.

Table numbers last updated Sept 26, 2013 . The following source must be cited when reproducing this table: NCI-funded Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium (HHSN261201100031C). Downloaded xx/xx/xxxx from the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium Web site - http://breastscreening.cancer.gov/statistics/benchmarks/screening/2009/table7.html .

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