NW SCORE: New Regional Breast Cancer Screening Registry in the Pacific NW

BCSC investigator, Dr. Christoph Lee, at the University of Washington establishes a new breast cancer screening registry in the Pacific Northwest

Posted by Christoph Lee, MD at 9:32 AM on Oct 1, 2019


In July 2019, the University of Washington (UW) launched a new regional breast cancer screening registry called the Northwest Screening and Cancer Outcomes Research Enterprise (NW SCORE). This partnership between the UW School of Medicine, Department of Radiology, and community-based radiology practices and health systems in the Pacific Northwest aims to improve breast cancer screening outcomes in the region. NW SCORE, led by Dr. Christoph Lee, a BCSC investigator, will provide practices with regional cancer outcomes data to be used for quality improvement while also creating a large de-identified resource for big data research, including artificial intelligence, with the goal of influencing regional and national screening policies and practices. Current BCSC registry PIs will serve as national advisory board members.

More information about NW SCORE can be found at: http://depts.washington.edu/cascreen/

Posted by: Christoph Lee, MD, MS, MBA