BCSC's Dr. Christoph Lee and Dr. Brian Sprague Honored With Nominations for Aunt Minnie's "Most Influential Radiology Researcher" of 2021

BCSC investigators Dr. Christoph Lee and Dr. Brian Sprague named semi-finalists for The Aunt Minnie Most Influential Radiology Researcher Award

Posted by Xoe Amer at 8:00 AM on Sep 28, 2021


BCSC investigators Christoph Lee (University of Washington) and Brian Sprague (University of Vermont) have been nominated as semifinalists in The Minnies, AuntMinnie.com's annual awards campaign recognizing important researchers and work in the field of medical imaging. This year included over 200 nominees across 14 categories.  Voting will be held in two rounds by an expert panel, with finalists to be announced in late September, and the winners in October.

The BCSC is proud to extend congratulations to both of our investigators and long-time collaborators, whose work in the field of breast cancer research and public health deserves recognition.

Read the official announcement on AuntMinnie.com: https://www.auntminnie.com/index.aspx?sec=nws&sub=rad&pag=dis&ItemID=133358


Posted by: Xoe Amer